Sunday, 2 December 2012

Vehicle Inspection

In New Zealand, every six months most cars have a safety test.  It's called a 'Warrant of Fitness' inspection.  I forgot to do it last week so I did it today.  It was quite busy at the 'testing station', there were lots of cars (and a boat!) waiting.  I usually try to go early in the morning when it's quiet!

Here's our little car.  It's a 'Ford Festiva'.  We bought it in Auckland about two years ago.  I like little cars.  They are light, easy to park and don't use much petrol.  In New Zealand petrol is about NZ$2.20 per litre.  My wife mainly uses this car to drive to work. 

Our other car is a station wagon.  It's big enough for our whole family and the children's bikes!

Fortunately the car was fine so they put this sticker on.  I don't have to go back for another check until June next year.  Yay!

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