Friday, 9 November 2012

Athletics Day

Yesterday was Athletics Day at my children's school.  Children compete in races, jumping and throwing.  The children are divided into 'house groups'.  My daughter is in 'Yellow House'.  That's good because yellow is her favourite colour!  The children have colours painted on their cheeks.

Lyra is doing the long jump.  My wife took this photo.  She is a better photographer than me!  The weather was perfect.  It was sunny but not hot.  Spring is a good time for Athletics Day.  The children who do well at the school athletics day go to another school next week.  They compete against children from the other Gisborne schools.  It's called the 'Inter-school Athletics Day'.

Thom is doing the 'bean bag throw'.  The children have to throw a bag as far as they can.  The big children do shotput instead of bean bag throw.  The shot is too heavy for little children!
For lunch we had a 'sausage sizzle'.  I usually help by cooking the sausages.  This barbeque gets very hot so I had to work quickly! 

It was a fun day for us all.  I'm glad it's Saturday today so we can take it easy.

Have a great weekend!

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