Wednesday, 20 March 2013

'ago' and 'in'

Describing when something happened, or when something is going to happen can be difficult! 

Today we will learn about 'ago' and 'in'.



'ago' always means a time in the past:

Picnic   o---------- two weeks -------------o    Now

When was the picnic?  It was two weeks ago

New car o---------- three months -------------o Now

Three months ago I bought a new car. (or: I bought a new car three months ago.) - either is ok. =)

We can use 'ago' even if we don't know exactly when something happened:

Long ago people lived in caves.

Years ago I decided to become a chef.

If something happened one week / one month / one year ago we would usually use 'last':

Watched a movie  o--------------- one month ------------------o  Now

Last month I watched a movie. (or: I watched a movie last month.)



We use 'in' when something hasn't happened yet:

Now o-------------------- two weeks ---------------------o Picnic

When is the picnic?  The picnic is in two weeks.

Now o------------------- three months ------------------o  New Job

My new job starts in three months.

If something is going to happen in one week / one month / one year we use 'next':

Now o------------- one week -----------------o Going to the library

Next week I'm going to the library. (or: I'm going to the library next week)

'In' has some other uses too, we will learn about those next time =)

Can you write a sentence using 'ago' and a sentence using 'in'?

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