Saturday, 27 April 2013

Autumn Fruit

It's now the middle of autumn.  The days are growing shorter and the temperatures are falling.  Earlier this month it rained for several days.  That was good, I was worried about how dry the weather had been.  Our fields are green again.

We had a wonderful crop of summer fruit.  The apples and pears were delicious.  Our favourite fruit was the cherries back in December.  They were fantastic!  One nice thing about growing fruit is there is always something to look forward to. 


Do you know what this fruit is?  It's called a guava.  It isn't the big tropical guava you can buy in a can.  It's small, about the size of a marble, and very tasty!  Our tree is still small, they grow about 3 metres high. Guavas make great jam too.

Here is another wonderful autumn fruit.  It's called a 'feijoa'.  Like the guava it comes from South America.  New Zealanders LOVE feijoas.  This year they are quite small, probably because of the dry summer.  They are sweet and juicy! 

In winter we look forward to citrus.  You can see the mandarins on this little tree are beginning to ripen.  Children love mandarins because they are sweet, have no seeds and are easy to peel.  I love them too =)

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