Sunday, 19 May 2013


Last week, Thom's teacher told his class about 'Geocaching'.  It's a hobby where people hide a container called a 'geocache' and post the location on a website.  It's like a treasure hunt! 

Here is one good website, you can change the language:

There are geocaches hidden all over the world.  The geocache is usually a container with a notebook and a pen inside.  Sometimes people put items in for swapping.  After you find the geocache you put it back and visit the website to write a comment.

Thom really wanted to do it so we used the website to find one close to us.  There is a geocache hidden near a waterfall only a few kilometres from our house!  Actually, there are many geocaches hidden nearby.  We followed the clues and found the geocache.  Luckily it was quite easy!

My daughter made some little origami cranes to put in the geocache and Thom put in a marble.  After we put the geocache back, the children enjoyed playing at the waterfall. 

It is a very peaceful spot and usually there's no one else there.  My wife and I both enjoy taking photographs.  She found a beautiful spider and I found some interesting fungus.  If you don't like spiders don't look below!

It was a fun trip, I think we'll do it again!  Have a look at the website, I bet there are geocaches close to your home too!

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