Wednesday, 17 October 2012


These are our chickens!  They live in a coop beside my orchard.  Sometimes they lay lots of eggs, but sometimes they get 'broody'.  Broody means they stop laying eggs and just sit on the nest boxes.  We don't like buying eggs from the supermarket.  We would rather eat 'free range' eggs because the eggs are tastier and the chickens can live a happier, more natural life.  You can buy free range eggs at the supermarket, but they are quite expensive. 

Last weekend my wife bought three new 'pullets'.  Pullets are young hens which haven't started laying yet.  These ones are about eight weeks old.  They are a cross between 'Rhode Island Red' and 'Buff Orpington' chicken breeds.  Both breeds produce lots of eggs so these pullets should too!

Both my children love small animals.  After school they often go and sit with the chickens.  I think it's good for children to learn to care for pets.  They learn how to be gentle and kind.  These pullets are quite tame, they're very cute.  Grow up and lay lots of delicious eggs! 


rather / rather not

You can use 'rather' and 'rather not' to show a preference.  Here are some examples:

- I would rather go to the beach than go to a movie.
- He would rather eat dango than look at flowers.
- Would you rather have the tea or coffee?

'rather not'
- I'd rather not wear that hat.
- I'd rather not lend him more money!

Sometimes 'rather' can mean 'quite' so you need to be careful!

- It is rather windy today.
- That watch is rather expensive!

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