Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Morning Ride

Today the weather is great!  The sky is clear blue and there is little wind.  The area where we live is very flat so it's great for cycling.  When the weather is nice I often go for a ride in the evenings, but today I went in the late morning.  The temperature was about 20 degrees. 

If you ever want to know what my weather is like you can click this link:


Lots of crops are grown near our house.  In this picture you can see young 'maize' plants.  Maize is very similar to corn but it's bigger and not sweet.  It's used mainly for animal food.  Large paddocks are planted in maize, it's harvested in autumn.  A lot of sweet corn is grown here too.

Last month it didn't rain much.  We usually have about 75mm of rain in October, but this year we only had about 25mm.  In this photo you can see an irrigator watering small tomato plants.  Many old farmers think we are going to have a hot, dry summer.  They are usually right!


Recently I found this interesting page.  It lists the 100 most-frequently occuring words in English.  On average they make up 50% of the words used in writing:

It might be useful to you to see if you know and can use them all!

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  1. Hello, Dave-kun.

    It was interesting about Maize's plants. I think I have never seen that. Which animal eat this plants?