Saturday, 13 October 2012

Good bug, bad bug!

This is a photo of my biggest apple tree.  The blossoms have nearly all gone.  The bees have been working hard, lots of small apples are growing.  I don't like using 'pesticides' in my garden.   Pesticides are sprays which kill insects.  I don't like to spray but if I don't, moth caterpillars will eat the apples and pears.  I know spraying will kill other insects too.  That always makes me a bit sad.

I found this wonderful bug sitting on an orange leaf.  In English it's called a ladybird or ladybug.  Ladybugs are great, they eat many harmful insects.  They especially like aphids.  Insects which help in the garden are called 'beneficial insects'.  We try and attract them by growing plants they like to live in.

In these buckets we make our own 'fertilizers'.  A fertilizer is something which helps plants to grow.  On the left is 'seaweed tea'.  I made it by going to the beach and collecting some seaweed.  The seaweed rots in the bucket making a really good natural fertilizer.  Yes, it smells terrible!  On the right is animal manure tea.  It is made in the same way of sheep, chicken and donkey manure.  It smells bad too!


  1. Good morning Dave-sensei!!
    This blog is good for me!! I read this sentence with your voice!
    And...this fertilizers comment is very interesting! I have interest in all your blog !! Thank you~~~!!

  2. Good morning! I am glad you enjoyed it!! It is a lovely day here, I want to work in the garden but I am too busy !!!

  3. "Fertilizer" " manure" those words were new to me. Your explanation and the picture is effective to remember those words with fun. This is a really good way to learn English! I could also smell them!