Tuesday, 16 October 2012


My children go to Makauri School.  It's only about three minutes drive from our house.  We take them to school and collect them by car each day.  Makauri School is a 'primary school'.  In New Zealand, children start school when they are five years old.  After about six years at a 'primary school', they go to an 'intermediate school' for two years, then 'high school'.

Most schools in New Zealand, even in cities, have large fields.  Children love playing on the grass when the weather is nice.  Makauri School has about 190 pupils.  There is lots of room for them to have fun.  There are also many trees and other places to play.  I am glad they can go to such a nice school. 

It's the middle of spring now and the weather is warming up.  Today the temperature is expected to reach 23 degrees.  That's great!  Goodbye Thom, have a great day at school!


'similar' / 'different'

What are schools like where you live?  In what ways are they similar?  How are they different? 


  1. What a beautiful school and large fields!!
    My children's school is very small , but many many students study there.
    And one more different is fields! That school's fields is very very small, and not grass , only covered with sand. So I envy your son's school.....

  2. Hi Mayumiちゃ,!I didn't know fields were covered with sand, that's interesting! I have seen photos and I thought it was dry soil. I hope you have a great weekend! Thank you for your comment =)